Help with axle greese?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by wellbuilt, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Hi all, This mite sound silly but how often should i be greasing the axles on my trailers? The truth is until i read a thread talking about greasing trailer axles i never gave it any thought . I have 4 trailers 3 dumps and one equipment trailers , 2 of them have grease fittings and the other 2 don't . I shot some grease in the fittings in the end of the hubs . What about the other 2 ? Do i just pull the tire and caps off the axles and grease the bearing like a car? Can i buy new bearings with grease fittings ? My rear tires on the dump trailers seem to be wearing much faster then the front . I have not rotated them ever but only pull them 600 miles a year +- . I never received any paper work for any of them . After driving for a wile my rear axles are warmer then the front .whats the deal ? John
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    Well you should repack your trailer wheel bearings every year, but I lake in doing that sometimes too. The tires on the rear axle will wear more due to them being dragged all the time while turning so thats why they are always warmer than the front. This is normal. i replace my rear axle tires every year becaue they just wear out, but the front ones get almost two years out of them.
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    You need to check into bearing buddies for the axles that dont have grease fittings......keep them greased up but you still should pull them out and check them every other year at the most
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    My 05 enclosed never needs any grease, but it sure goes through rear tires every couple months. I would repack yearly like others said or give the grease fittings a few pumps every 6 months.

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