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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Saint194, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Bentgrass and or crabgrass are problems in many lawns especially in lawns that are not maintained on regular schedule. Regular fertilizer application and lime can help keep desired grasses healthy and thick, test soil to see what lawn needs. Spraying lawn with Roundup will kill the Bentgrass but wait and seed at least 30 day's before seeding, the residual effect of Roundup will kill new seedlings. After 30 day's use a slit seeder and re-seed with good quality grass seed. Don't worry about thatch it will keep new seedlings moist and help lawn get started.
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    Leave the dead grass.

    The lawn will come in better by only spraying round up until everything is dead ("crunchy") down to the roots. You might have to spot spray a 2nd time. Killing everything is the most important part. The dead grass should be cut down to 1.5" or so an collect the debris. The remaining dead grass will help hold everything in place while waiting for grass to germinate.

    Then, over seeder with a high end power seeder. Would not recommend a low end rental unit because you will want to break up the surface to get maximum germination. A good power seeder (Turf Revitalizer) will also level any rough surfaces as well.

    I would highly recommend only doing this in the fall (September).


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    Does anyone read the lables? I believe the lable on roundup says that you can reseed in 10-14 days, I cant remember exactly and i dont have a lable in front of me. 30 days is way to long to wait though, and spraying in the morning then seeding in the afternoon is wrong as well. If you did that, the spray wouldnt make it down to the roots before you slit seeded cutting into the roots. Like i said, i cant remember exactly how long, read the lable.
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    Why would he need to hire a pro to spray his own lawn?
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    Im with you on this. Unless the laws differ from state to state. We can purchace comecial round up and spray without a liscense here in CA. I would think it would be the most strict here with all the Tree huggers.
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    I have to agree with that!
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    Where did he say it was his own lawn? Also, in MA you cannot spray round-up, for hire, without the proper pesticide license...
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    I was under the impression he was talking about his own lawn.
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    I have tackled this same scenario outside of Phila. several times.

    Most important, if you going to this much work, make sure the bentgrass is dead or you will have the same problem i a couple years.

    Creeping bent is slow to start in the spring, in other words not as easy to totally kill as other times of year. Fall is certainly more desirable over spring. Either way, I typically fertilize first to get the bent grass' metabolism moving strong, wait until I see that it is strong, then spray roundup. The roundup moves much more effectively in a healthy plant than a weak, slow growing plant. Wait 10 to 14 days and spray roundup again. The most important thing is to kill all of the bent.

    I agree with most previous posts, leave the old sod in place, why not slit seed and aerate? Personally I never slit seed, I just aerate the he_ll out of it!
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    I had a 4000 sq/ft side yard that was full of bentgrass...Starting in early August, I hit the entire yard with Roundup...waited about two weeks...and hit it again. Some of the bent grass started to come back after the first spraying. Waited two more weeks to make sure everything was dead. The second week of September, I cut as low as the mower would go, then I raked the yard. I then aerated in four different directions. Waited about five days then used a slit seeder and seeded with TTTF (Lesco's Tuff Turf) using a diamond pattern. I watered properly and applied starter fertilizer when the seed began to germinate. I now have a beautiful side more bent grass (I hope). I have to deal with some chickweed and wild onion next spring, but that's about it.

    The rest of the yard....about 8000sq/ft is also infested with small areas of will do the same above in this area this next summer/fall.

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