Help with Bent Grass in residential lawn...

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Saint194, Nov 15, 2006.

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    We're faced with Bermuda grass here (Virginia) and quite frequently either kill off entire lawns or spot-kill and then re-seed with fescue. Getting the dead Bermuda off the lawn following glyphosate sprayings increases the number of seeds that take. Typically we'll shoot a 3% mix with a surfactant, and then come back 2 weeks later to spot-spray. Then, using either a Walker mower with a tine dethatcher or the Z-320 towing a 48" dethatcher, the yard is cut as low as possible and all the dead Bermuda sucked up. Once that is done, any filling/grading required is done, the lawn is aerated, and then seeded heavily.
    The dethatching ensures that the entire lawn is prepared as a seed bed and not just the aerator holes. I set the irrigation system programmer, with the understanding that if it's changed, all bets are off.
    Normally, within a month or so the sunny lawns will look as if they've been sodded.

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