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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by motorscot, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. motorscot

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    Ok, did a little searching but wanted to post anyway.

    52 building condo complex

    Average 4000 sq ft lawn each

    Terrain ranges from flat to slope

    Room for up to 36" WB

    Prior company used three man crew to work until 2 -3 pm, doing half one day then second half the next.

    Weekly service: mow, trim, edge, blow only.

    No parking lots except clean up clippings.

    No beds to worry about. Mulch will be separate.

    Calculator shows 20 minutes each unit with 2 men = 26 units in 9 hrs

    Rate is generally $50/hr

    Calc show $4170/month (after /12)

    18 hrs/week for 36 weeks

    Feedback please??????
  2. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    Come on guys. Am I missing something?

    Does this look reasonable?


  3. Mahoney3223

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    i like that stop lowballing calculator...pretty slick...i need to hand it out to the hacks around here. the rate looks good. i know up here we wouldnt get near that much because of the lowballing but if you can get that,'s a fair price..but fair ain't fair around here
  4. ALC-GregH

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    Instead of telling you how you should know your numbers and learn to bid jobs on your own without asking strangers if you did it right, I'll just say, no comment.
  5. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    Thank you for the help.

    I don't want to make a mistake and shortchange myself by forgetting something. If I was perfect, then.....well, I'll just say no comment :wall
  6. AA+ landscaping

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  7. motorscot

    motorscot LawnSite Member
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    It varies by job and equipment. I normally charge between $35-75 per hour depending on the job. For instance, I quote $75/hr for tree work. As low as $35 for basic stuff like debris removal, etc.

    I ended up quoting just over $36/man hr for this job. I priced it as 52 4k sq ft homes using the calc link below with my company's overhead.

    My guys can do 2.5/hr if the homes are on the same street. These are all basically connected and they can do 3+ per hour. They can just about do one entire section (24-28 buildings) without getting hands/feet off the mowers.

    I obviously could go higher on the bid, but I also have the opportunity to get an adjacent complex if I land this job. If the windshield time was higher, I would have no doubt bumped things up quite a bit.

    I'm not a rookie at this, but again, I would rather have feedback and make corrections than lowball, etc.

    The purpose of this site IMHO is for help and feedback, not to be an ASS to others. Otherwise, we should all take our mowers and go home....
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  8. AA+ landscaping

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    It should not change. It doesn't matter what you do. So say if it cost you $6000 a month to run your business. Then say you do leaf clean ups for a month at $20.00 a hour. So you will not make your monthly costs.
  9. 360ci

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    I agree, keep hourly rate the same for lawn work. I do two $30 yards in an hour, so say my lawn care is roughly $60/hr (Canadian funds here ppl), so $50/hr US isn't all that bad. Especially for a three man crew, that's a deal.

    The question is how bad do you want it? I'm only guessing you want it or you wouldn't have started this thread, but with that said, how bad do you WANT it? I don't personally like bids - trying to undercut the next guy by as little as possible. However, I'd bid higher than your posted $4200. I'd put in at least 4600, this gives you room to breath should fuel prices rise, or other costs, while still keeping a decent profit.
  10. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    Uhm, I would bid $548,574,411,286,426,924,336,531,478,714,368,545,148,365.00 but that's just me.
    Guess I lost that one.

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