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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Newguy25, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Newguy25

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    Hi everybody. My first season...I need help on submitting bids for mowing on properties. What the bid should look like, what should be on it etc. If anyone has copies and would be willing to share that would be great. Thanks
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    Make sure that EVERYTHING you will provide is on the bid. Dont say what you do not provide. The customer will get confused. Create a letterhead and a bid form. Search the net to find examples of bid forms. Hopefully this helps
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    Let me give you a nickles worth the free advice.

    Start with what you are going to offer. Break it down in the proposal starting with weekly mowing, then move to fert and so on. Customers like to see a list of services and how you will be performing them, such as what months you will be fert and tree pruning etc. Do not worry about making it to detailed. More detail is better than not enough. All good "clients" will want a break down of all of your services. They may not want it right now but they take comfort in knowing it is offered. If you need a sample contract of a large development that I just did that has all if it...let me know

  4. Newguy25

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    Would like to see it if you are willing to share. Thanks. I was at office max tonight that had some bidding forms with a carbon copy on the back. Looked ok. Anyone use these? Is this the norm or is it mostly computer based that you guys just make up yourself? Thanks
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    this one might help you

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