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Help With Building Design for Business


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I am planning to construct a new metal building for housing my current lawn care / weed control equipment. I would appreciate any resources for ideas on a user friendly layout. I currently am in a 30' x 50' building with one 16' entrance door.
I have two cab over Isuzu 16 ' landscape body trucks with Kubota deisel mowers and Snapper walkbehinds. All equipment is stored on the trucks.
I park my cab over Mitsubishi Fuso spray truck outside because I do not have room for it inside. My motorized spray units are parked where I can put them in the building. When you add the storage of fertilzer and chemicals and a place for equipment maintenance, there is hardly any room left.
I would like to build a new building with a least four bays to house my trucks but I would like to have input on the layout as far as possibly housing bulk fertilizer/water tanks and injections modules inside the building to reduce liabililty of hand mixing tank mixtures.
We have grown so much in this area, that we have outgrown our current facility. Unfortunately, there are no other people in the area that I can get ideas from.

Thanks for any help


South View

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congrats on the growth, sounds like a real exciting time for you

i would def have two large doors, put one on the side, it will enable you to have a lot more flexibility with what you do with your space.

and i know a large hoist has laways been on my wish list for trucks and large mowers, etc,

best of luck man,

south view Andy