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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WGV, Oct 1, 2007.

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    We are just starting and we need to bid on a small subdivision. The Association provides the homeowners with lawncare, including the flower beds. In the bid, how do you word weeding? Do you claim to provide "weed free" beds or general weeding? I think we should only take care of weeds big enough to pull...not every tiny weed in the bed. How do you guys do it? Also if the proposal offers shrub replacement, how do you price that? I know if we damage something, we replace it at our cost. I am talking about if someone just has a bush that dies. I want to offer that as a service but don't know how to word it.
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    A weed is a weed whether it's big or small.

    Do a search on Gallery or will make your life a lot easier.....but you'll have to get a licensed company to apply it.

    Did the bush die from neglect due to water restrictions or was it because you didn't apply the proper insecticide or fungicide? Did you identify the little buggies months prior and let them know they would kill the plant if not treated? Or could pythium root rot be the culprit! If it is........did you cause it by overwatering or overfertilizing?
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    Interesting that you are going to offer tree/bush insurance. Usually the guy that installs the stuff will replace it during the first year. One of our accounts wanted irrigation other words they wanted us to set a fixed amount for them to pay monthly and we would be responsible to cover all irrigation repairs.... We are working on trying to come up with an amount.
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    dead shrubs or plant material will be replaced as necessary. Plant material will be billed to the customer unless due to negligence of the LCO. Repair to the irrigation system will be billed seperately at a rate of $x amount (50/hour plus materials.
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    Thanks for the input. We were planning on doing lawn fertilization. We want to be able to offer shrub care but I don't think I know enough. Thought about hiring a horticulturist. We would only replace bushes at the owner's request, unless we caused the damage. How do you guys price weed control?

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