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Help with Commercial Bid

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bustus, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Bustus

    Bustus LawnSite Member
    Messages: 181


    This is my first commercial bid of this size and wanted some help. I have done a lot of searching around the site but was hoping for some specific input.

    Its a local company that wants biweekly cutting including the usual garbage cleanup, trimming, and cutting and a spring and fall clean-up. The contract would be for about 4 months so it would be about 8 cuttings and the 2 clean-ups.

    I have included a picture of the property, which has a main field that I measured to be about 6 acres, although he said its 5. The field is my main concern. Besides about 20ft from the street, the bulk of it doesn't appear to have been cut very often, and it is quite uneven. I would either have to use my 36 walk-behind or purchase another used machine if I won the bid, the reason being it is very uneven.

    The property manager told me that last years price was around $7500 Canadian last year, but it was hard for me to tell if this was accurate, or just a low ball price to motivate a lower bid. Does this seem accurate?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Mimowerman

    Mimowerman LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 645

    uhhh 5-6 acres with a 36" WB and only 8 cuts per season??? I would bid this at 175/cut and minimum of 10 cuts per year two 60"Z's and be done in about a hour
  3. Bustus

    Bustus LawnSite Member
    Messages: 181

    I'd be buying another machine, but probably nothing bigger than a 50. There would be 3 of us working and I wouldn't mind if it took a few hours as I have room in my schedule for it right now.

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Bustus

    Bustus LawnSite Member
    Messages: 181

    Sorry, just realized I saved it as a .psd file.

    Bid 1.jpg
  5. ambersLawnmowing

    ambersLawnmowing LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 333

    That seems really low. I get $160 (american) an acre here. I did some rough math and figured you at less then $100 an acre. I would be over $10,500 (candian) if i bid that for what you have there for duties. I am no math expert but seems really low.
  6. Bustus

    Bustus LawnSite Member
    Messages: 181

    Well I just spoke to the property manager and he said that the contract is actually for 6 months, not 4 as he initially said, therefore I'd be looking at about 12 cuts plus the 2 cleanups, lol.

    Now I'm really starting to think that $7500 is quite low.

    Assuming a $200 clean up * 2 = $400 (ballpark guess)

    That leave about $7100 divided by 12 cuts = about $590/cut or just under $100/acre.

    Looks like your math is right ambersLawnmowing. Thanks for the help.
  7. kaferhaus

    kaferhaus LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,444

    Yep, Amber's price looks close to me too.
  8. GracesLandscaping

    GracesLandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 632

    I think this would be a fair price!
  9. ambersLawnmowing

    ambersLawnmowing LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 333

    How is that fair? 1 acre ='s 43560 Square feet.
    Now i get
    $40 or more to mow #10,000 square feet so that ='s $160 an acre
    Now you have 6 acres to mow so you take $160 x 6 ='s $960 x's 12 cuts ='s $11,500 plus clean-ups x's 2.... more like $13,000 total..

    I shouldnt give out my numbers but i dont want to see anyone get screwed or called out for being a lowballer. I think my price is fair/average...

    One thing you have to keep in mind while he is doing his math is that the U.S dollar is worth less then the canidian dollar. So his $7500 ='s $6082.72 american.. That is a lowballer. He would be $5417.28 under me. I hate it when i get beat by $500... Bets of luck to you bustus.
  10. mattfromNY

    mattfromNY LawnSite Bronze Member
    Male, from Central NY
    Messages: 1,582

    It also depends on where you're located. Around here, I'd get laughed off the property for a $13K quote on 6 acres, only 12 cuts per year, plus cleanups. Obviously we dont know how involved the cleanups are, but around here that bid would go for +- $7000 for the season. With lowball bids in the 3-4K range.


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