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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MSS Mow, May 10, 2006.

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    Hello all. I've been doing residential mowing for quite a fews years now, with limited, small commercial lots, but now am looking into some larger commercial stuff. I've got an opportunity to bid on a large property (62 condos, plus a bunch of commercial buildings - all 1 property).

    Below is a link to an ariel view. Not a real good picture, but I'd appreciate any help on developing a quote for mow/trim for 18-20 times per year.

    Double click on next to last picture on left hand side of page for ariel view.

    Basically everything you can see green is lawn that needs mowing. All terrain is pretty flat and any hills are gradual enough not to worry about. Little to no push mowing.

    I would be using Kubota ZD 21/60" mowers to mow 90%, and smaller craftsman to get into tight spots.

    Billing would be all through 1 contract, not individual condo owners.

    Thanks in advance.
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    What lake is that on?
  3. MSS Mow

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    That's the Atlantic Ocean. :)
  4. MSS Mow

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    Any thoughts from anyone?
  5. ed2hess

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    I can't image going from small residential to this large commerical property without some experience with this size. I would guess they want this property cut in one day, can you handle that? If so attack it like 60 residential homes. They don't want anything else besides mowing, it would be all the other stuff like flowers, fertilizing, shrubs, trees, irrigation, mulch, pest control on stuff, bed weeding, etc.
  6. MSS Mow

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    It would definately be a jump, but how does one get experience with an account this large without bidding an account this large? (rhetorical question)

    Could I handle a 1 day cut? The answer is yes.

    To answer your last question.......For this year, they only want a quote for mow/ other services at this time. They have made it very clear that they want to keep ALL contractors local, and since I grew up 2 miles away, and still nearby, you can't get much more local. Is there competition? Yes. Am I competetive? Definately.

    Thank you for responding. I appreciate any and all comments.
  7. MSS Mow

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    from Maine
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    Any help would be appreciated in determing a quote for this property.

  8. jacob land and

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    that seems like a lot for one guy, and one ztr...
  9. MMLawn

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    Your estimate is your cost of doing business per hour, plus the profit margin you need to make per hour on top of that, times the weekly number of hours the job will take.
  10. I have no clue. I mean virtually no clue. I can't get the picture to appear on my slow system.
    But I can kick in a couple of observations if you're interested.
    If they're still selling these units they'll want it to look absolutely pristine. I don't think price will be as important to this customer as will be your ability to give them the look they want. You're going to have to work to sell yourself to these folks. So while you're at it slip in a couple of questions about the price they expect to pay. I don't think low bid will take this contract, so don't price yourself too cheap or they'll look down on you.
    I think you could make a few bucks here.
    Something to watch though if you're not controlling the fertilizer program. They may fertilize five times a year and it'll grow like crazy. And there you are trying to make it look decent locked into an 18-20 cuts per season schedule.
    I know I'm not much help, because I know little of the growing season in Maine, much less the pricing structure.
    Good luck with it.


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