Help with connecting electric hose reel to truck

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by timster1761, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Ughhhh, I'm so frustrated that I don't know where to begin. I have a skid spray rig attached to a trailer and I'm trying to connect a 6 guage wire to the truck battery(pos) from the electric reel with no success. I attached a straight wire from the positive wire to the reel....all wires are grounded on the reel already and only have one wire to run wire off of to the battery. I keep pressing the push button on the reel but NOTHING, for whatever reason i'm not getting a spark....ANY and ALL ideas/opinions greatly appreciated!
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    Just like trailer lights the Ground wire is your problem and will continue to be your problem. When wiring trailer lights I learned a long time ago to run a Seperate GROUND WIRE to each light from the negative side of the battery and not depend on the trailer frame as a ground. My trailer lights work all the time and I have less problems with them. SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY FOR A 6 GAGE GROUND WIRE.

    BTW a Trolling motor connector can work as a plug in on the truck bumper.

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    more than likely in most cases its a ground problem.
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    I agree, probably best to run a ground for it direct from the battery, or where the battery is grounded. In theory the truck frame should be grounded though. I've ran mine on a trailer as well and had good luck with grounding the wire to the back of the truck.

    You should have a inline fuse or breaker on your positive cable, be sure that's ok too.
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    Above are correct. Test for a good ground. A 12 volt test light is about $3.00. get one and it will help detect what is hot and what is a good ground. In theory, all you need is a good ground between the truck frame and the trailer frame. However many times this will not be good enough. In theory, your trailer light harness will include one wire which is a ground. And it probably goes all the way to your trailer lights. But it is a rather skinny wire and may not be capable of handling the high amperage of the reel motor--unless you want the reel to spin real slow, and the skinny wire to get hot. The ground wire should be at least as fat as the negative wire coming out of the reel motor.

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