Help with daylillys?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by bobby5, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. bobby5

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    I had my house professionlly landscaped a couple years ago and they planted alot of yellow daylillys. They look good in the spring but once summer hits the grasses get brown and they dont bloom like they do in the spring i water them regurly. What can i do to get them looking healthy again?
  2. Firefighter337

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    What about fertilizer? Insecticide?
  3. RAlmaroad

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    How old are your lilies? Most multiply rapidly; thus producing very thin and small flowers. If more than three years old, they need to be dug and seperated. Use a good fertilizer with a high middle number (Phosphate) for larger flowers. Most important is to feed them about 1 cup of bone meal in the fall. Give them plenty of water. A good overall fertilizer would be just your plan 6-12-12 fertilizer. It is an ag product, cost is reasonable and readily available. Apply in the spring and early June. Give them plenty of water. You probably have common stella d'ora which bloom all season and do require a lot of fertilizer.
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    Are you deadheading (or are they self deadheading) the spent flowers, pulling or cutting off the browned vegetation, and removing dead scapes? This is usually helpful in directing growth to the root system. In turn you will have healthier plants. Are they in an area where their optimal growing conditions are met? Then too there are several different types according to bloom period. Some only bloom early spring, some rebloom, some bloom late or mid summer. Do you know what type you have and their bloom sequence?

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