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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by MinnesotaJeff, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. MinnesotaJeff

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    Hello, I'm a homeonwer with less than 2 acres of beautiful lush lawn to mow. Currently using a JD tractor with a 38" deck, I want a better cut without having to bag, and to spend less time doing it so I decided to buy a zero turn. Through my research I finally got it down to either a Simplicity Champion or a Hustler Fastrak. The Fastrak i found is a leftover 2007 model. It has a 21hp Kaw and a 54" deck. I can pick it up for $4600.

    Side by side i think the hustler is a better mower, better deal and higher quality, although the Simplicity is impressive too.

    SO i'm struggling a little bit with whether the Hustler is just too big/too much mower..... 54" is a big deck! I really don't have any obstacles in the yard that should create a problem - I think it's just that when i started looking I had figured a 48" would be as big as I'd go with this purchase. So i'm looking for advice from experienced users - is a 54" pretty big and would you advise me to look at something smaller? My lawn is completely flat and very nice - whatever mower I buy will not get much of a workout at all. I'd hate to spend this much money and end up realizing i should have gone smaller.....

    thanks for the input
  2. mowerconsultant

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    As long as the width of the mower isnt going to be a issue when mowing / trimming or storage of the mower then I would say go for it.
    With the 54 you will get more trim capability on the left side of the deck with its overhang.
    The price is certainly right, I would be all over it with no second thoughts.

  3. PEVO

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    By trim be means the left side of the deck sticks out farther than the right side in relation to the frame/rear wheels. that means you can circle around trees, sidewalks ..etc without the left rear wheel cutting in too much & rubbing or running over what your trimming around. Get the hustler!
  4. jimceez

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    I have the FT 18/52 & absolutely love it. As a homeowner with a situation pretty much like yours but with a lot of flower beds, put we have them spaced and to reiterate PJ point the overhang is great.

    You've got a good deal going. Grap it & you'll never regret it!
  5. blackandgold

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    Hustler makes a 48 in FasTrak which currently has a promo price, for around 4999.

    DENNIS MOW LawnSite Member
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    No a 54 would not be to big. These things turn on a dime. I have a 60 Super Z and I use on little lawns. The quality of the cut is wonderful. I have no lawns that I cant use it on. Hustler has a very well made equipment. It would be the last mower you would ever buy. I have put 2400 hours on mine in 4 years do the math. You will get many years out of yours if you just mow your lawn.
  7. dieselman10

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    don't worry about the size of the deck. we have about 2 acres and my dad just bought a exmark 60" zero turn. it's huge.:eek: i cant wait till we get it.:cool2:

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