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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by dallen, May 13, 2006.

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    I am working on developing a dry fertilizer product for turf applications and the lawn care industry is one of the markets I am targeting. I am proposing a composted organic matter-based material with slow release nitrogen, ammonium sulfate, P & K, iron sulfate and calcium added to the process flow stream. All feed materials will be ground to a fine powder, mixed then prilled into dense, hard pellets. I have seen the Sustane brand of fertilizer advertised and what I am developing will be similar, although and entirely different manufacturing technology will be utilized. There are a ton of lawn fertilizers out there and I am wondering if anyone has new and/or different ideas.
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    You might consider bringing in your Phosphate from Coastal Nc. They have a blackrock Phosphate that natually contains about 5% N. I dont know the name of the source. Also you can get Sulfate of Potash from a mine in Florida, this is another natually occuring source of SOP. both materials are considered organic since they are not processed but come straight from the quarries. I would probably leave off the ammonium sulfate and consider using Dap instead. Dap will stay available in the soil longer than other forms of Phosphate. Hog manure is a good source of P also. Your organic materials could consist of Turkey Manure, since it also contains copper, and maybe chicken manure from laying hens for extra calcium. you could also add micronized lenoardite as a source for humate. Cow manure is a good source of K. Add a little Boron, manganese and molybedium and let me know when you get it ready to sell

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