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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by caseymax, Apr 21, 2008.

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    HI My friend has Dixon about 5/6 years old? First I need to know how to release the wheel hydraulics so I can move the mower with out motor running. I now how to do Dixie Chopper but I didn’t see any thing that looked like it would release the presser.
    Now the real problem is she said the engine back fired and shut down. She said when she tried to restart it tried to run but only run as when the key was in start position, let go and it would die. This is what I did:: took wires off ignition switch, sprayed and put back on,
    No help? Took valve cover off everything ok there. Changed spark plug even though it was firing when checked by turning engine over. No help? When I tried to start engine it backed fired a few times and would pre fire (BTDC) almost stopping the cranking of the engine for a second. I am sure it is electrical?? Any help would be appreciated. I know twin Koler engines pretty good but not sure of this 17 hp single.

    Thanks Max
    Monrovia IN
  2. lifetree

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    Is it a Kohler 17 HP, single engine ??

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    Towing a trailer or other attachment that is too heavy
    could damage the drive or cause the mower to become
    unstable. Limit loads to 250 pounds or less with this
    (Unlock Transmission):
    Always turn off engine before engaging or disengaging
    the hydro release (free wheel) lever. Never attempt to
    move the lever with the engine running.
    Lift seat to access release levers. Push release lever
    rearward and engage notch on frame.
    NOTE: Before pushing or towing tractor, transmission
    must be unlocked and parking brake
    released. The tractorshould never be pulled
    at more than 2 miles per hour or for any
    appreciable distance.
    You can click on the Dixon icon to the right side of screen here and download pdf files for whatever model dixon you are looking at. Hope this is helpful. I was unable to get the illustration to copy at this time.

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  5. Bill Kapaun

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    Check for a sheared flywheel key.

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    If it is firing try spaying just a burst of carb cleaner into carb throat and try to start . If it starts then dies as soon a it burns off carb cleaner then you may have an issue with the fuel solenoid. Turn ignition off and unplug fuel solenoid. If you have a fuel shut off valve in-line then turn off fuel. Otherwise pinch off fuel line to carb. Remove the fuel solenoid from bottom of bowl.You may as well remove bowl and clean it out while you are this far into it.Any way you can test the fuel solenoid by attatching the wire back to it then turning ignition switch on and grounding the metal body of solenoid to engtine block. If it retracts it it is working.
  7. caseymax

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    Hay I said 17hp that was what I though it said, but with the spects I gave you anyone would know it was a 16hp, sorry about that. I poured gas in carb and it didn't make any difference. The plug is wet, not firing right?? I will check the key fly wheel next. Thank you

    FIXDISS LawnSite Senior Member
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    If flywheel key was sheared it would still fire but timing would be way off. Thought you had said earlier it was firing . Look at the wiring harness coming from under the engine shroud. I believe Restrorob has always said it should be a white wire there.Unplug it. That wire eliminates all your safety switches. You can try and start it with this wire unplugged but you will not be able to shut it off even with the key. You may just have a safety shutting it down.
  9. caseymax

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    It was firing ever now & then but when it did fire it was a miss fire and almost stop the engine from turning over for a second. It acts like the fly wheel key; I never gave that a thought. I will unhook the kill wire and see what happens, it’s not like it not firing its just acts like it’s out of time???? Appreciate your suggestions.

    Thanks Max

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