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help with domain name

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I guess its about time I started thinking about a web site. The domain name I wanted for my company has already been taken. My company name is smith lawn service, somebody already has I could do .biz or .net, but not sure, it seems most people perfer .com. I could do something like, again not sure how that will go over, most people would probably forget the hyphen's. Give me some ideas.

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May 19, 2010 is really not very far away. Could you contact the owner and offer it to buy it? is another good option. But, you may want to consider putting the name of your town, region, or state in the domain name. It may seem clunky, but SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or the process used to try to get your site as high on google's search results as possible) takes the url name into account more than anything else on your site. With a lawn service, if people are looking for a contractor or business in their area, they will probably google-search something like, "Mississippi Lawn Service " Or, even better, a more specific location. If your url reflects that, hopefully your lawn service will appear first and ahead of your competition.

What do you think?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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