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help with domain name

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I guess its about time I started thinking about a web site. The domain name I wanted for my company has already been taken. My company name is smith lawn service, somebody already has I could do .biz or .net, but not sure, it seems most people perfer .com. I could do something like, again not sure how that will go over, most people would probably forget the hyphen's. Give me some ideas.

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I am also a big fan of including regions in the domain name. Also to include other keywords. Google values both quite highly.

I'd advise that your main domain be something like I also suggest you purchase That would have an autodirect to your primary domain. This will cover you in case someone does a search on "Smith Lawn Service". The autodirect won't rank in Google, but Google probably will recognize the redirect when the exact name is entered.

Another thought, if you go with (or similar), you might want to file a DBA (doing business as) for that name (include the .com) attached to your business.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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