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help with domain name

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I guess its about time I started thinking about a web site. The domain name I wanted for my company has already been taken. My company name is smith lawn service, somebody already has I could do .biz or .net, but not sure, it seems most people perfer .com. I could do something like, again not sure how that will go over, most people would probably forget the hyphen's. Give me some ideas.

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What about something that folks will never forget like




Now seriously, how about something a bit different from having "lawn", like maybe "cuts" ???

That one was available.
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The shorter the better I say. I did not realize that when I picked mine and I wish I had.
Try saying "go to " then have someone look at you like "DUUUUUHHHH" "how do you spell that?".:hammerhead:
I saw one on a tailgate out here. Allmost all the way across.

My wife thought it was original, but I said we would never remember when we got home. And we could not remember.

It was something related to roof and long like this ...

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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