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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dklawncare, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. dklawncare

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    This year I plan on purchasing quite a few doorhangers to put around in Suburbia land. I am making the design and sending it to a company to print off. I just need help on the actual text. Door hangers aren't like flyers in that you don't have 8.5x11"; all you have is 3.75x8.25. Should I put information about our company, info about our service, payment plans, or deals or specials, etc... I guess the good thing about it is that I have a company website so that they could research whatever they whenever they want, but a little help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. walker-talker

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    You can use your flyers as doorhangers....simple....baggies. You can get 1000 for $25, just takes a little extra time to stuff them.

  3. precisionlawn

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    Matts idea is pretty good.
    However, I am new to this business as well, and i was kinda wondering the same thing. Also, are you getting print on both side of the door hanger? Is it worth the extra cost, or is one side just as good?
  4. Mykster

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    Messages: 668 as some doorhanger bags if your looking at an inexpensive way to advertise. Would be sheaper than doorhangers. However I think doorhangers look alot better.
  5. dklawncare

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    Thanks for the input... I did look in on the bag idea but I think I am go more for the professional look with the door hangers. With you can get 3000 one sided, two ink colored jumbo door hangers for around $165. I figure if I get 15-30 accounts it will be more than worth it. The reason I opted for the one sided is because I already have a website so they can go there if they want more info (and hopefully they will). I just want to get my company out there. <p> Plus, the great thing about door hangers is that you pick where you want to hang them, and then you hopefully can get quite a few yards in the same area.
  6. Heavenly Green

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    heres what I use for my door hangers. cost $100 per 1000. I only put out 500 last yr. and got 12 new customers from them.

  7. lx665

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  8. dklawncare

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    That is a pretty nice door hanger...your news of 12 out of 500 is very encouraging...just curious, when did you start putting out your hangers. I was thinking about putting them out the 3rd wk. of Feb. through the 1st week of march(Lord knows that 3000 will take some time to distribute.)
  9. gogetter

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    Steve that is a nice looking doorhanger. Nicely worded and laid out.
    Did you desing them yourself, or have someone do it? Where did have them printed?
  10. Heavenly Green

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    We are going to get 2000 made next week. Im going to distribute them from Feb. 10 to April 10 . I designed the logo and told the print shop what I wanted them to say they layed it out and I oked the final layout. I had them made at a place called Printed Impressions in Farmington, MI. They are super easy to work with and there prices are great in my opinion. You could prob fax them all the info you want and they could fax you diff. layouts there Ph # is (248)473-5333 I have sent other lcos to them and they to have been very happy with the work. Heres my bizz card that they made last season for me these were expencive as they are double sided and the front is foil lettering. It looks very impressive in the sun prob wont look so great scaned.


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