Help with Earwigs

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Hi Folks -

My home in Northern New England is infested with earwigs. The ants are pretty bad this year, too, but it is the earwigs that are driving us nuts.

I'm not talking about a few bugs along the house foundation or in the kid's sandbox. Literally every nook and cranny on the property is inhabited by hundreds of earwigs. if you leave anything on the ground, within an hour or two there are dozens of earwigs living in it. The kid's wooden swingset is infested. The mailbox at the end of the driveway is infested. We kill at least a dozen in the house everyday. Last night, there was one crawling on my toothbrush! It's like a Hitchcock movie.

I've tried spot applications of Diazanon and Dursban, with limited success. What I need is a program to eradicate the little buggers for once and for all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I had the same problem last year with my vegetable garden! They were eating everything in sight! I used the diazinon powder which worked well. I see you've tried it. Sounds like a very big infestation. Hope you find a fix and when you do please let us know!


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I was wondering if you guys can help. I have noticed some army worms and have heard that they are taking over several lawns in the area. I live in SE Kansas. I am not a certified applicator but would like to have some information to pass on to clients.