help with errosion on a lawn

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by btnj47, May 19, 2008.

  1. btnj47

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    Trying to get some lawn establishedon a front yard that has some washout its a small hill . was going to spread some topsoil and roll it then was looking mabe to use that mat the grass can grow through but not sure what its called or the correct process for installing it. Any help would be great . its my parents yard by the way.
  2. topsites

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    If you're referring to that green plastic mesh I would highly advise you don't use it. That stuff NEVER decomposes, despite claims to the contrary, and the next fool who tries to aerate that lawn will get this crap all wrapped up around the tines and the axle first requiring a fair rebuild of the machine but worse still is it tears up your yard in the process as it rips that crap right back up and out taking dirt and lawn with it.

    What I would do is core aerate and seed heavily, keep up on it and be DANG careful mowing that part and let the lawn create a natural erosion control. As for how heavy to seed, at LEAST a pound per 100 square feet, that's 10 pounds per every 1k sq.ft area so don't be afraid of throwing down some serious SEED lol

    You'll want to re-do that area most every fall, heavy seed again at least once a year, if it looks light in spring then twice a year, and always from here on out be DANG careful when mowing that hill.
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    easier to just lay sod down after roto tilling the area.
  4. btnj47

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    the stuff i have seen here is like a tan colored mesh. im not sure if its plastic or not. I also wasnt sure if it would be worth using. I have to put down some topsoil to even everything out but should i just roll id then seed it? we have that contractors mix that comes up fast but doesnt last im told then after that use regular mix?
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