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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ffpud, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I got called yesterday wanting a price on 55 lots in one subdivision undeveloped for next year I have looked at it twice and just need help on how to price and about what the total cost should be. The price would be for mowing only except for one house, no trimming, no blowing, and a few trees to mow around. The local rate is 60 an hour, the lots are all connected and are mild rolling hills and it is about 40 acres total mowing, and how long should it take one man with a 60in. to get the job done. Thanks for the help.
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    You are easily looking at 12 hours to mow it completely, maybe even more depending on how fast your are able to cut with the mower. If you look on exmark's website you will find a chart that shows the productivity of mowers of different cuts at all different speeds, it will show the productivity rate in acres per hour.
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    around here a good price would be about 80 bucks and acre. 80*40=3200bucks. wow that would be nice once a week. good luck. vince
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    Lol at this whole thread...and it just begun.
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    Thanks guys for the input but I talked to the land owner today and told him it was looking like atleast 1000bucks and he got ticked off and said if thats what I wanted for each cut he would go buy his own mower and hung up on me...
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    I'm thinking 300-400
    I figure 100 bucks for the machine 8 dollars per hour 12 hours mowing. about 25-30 per hour for you. You have to remember it might take you that long with a 60 inch mower but real field mowers use tractors and thats what you have to compete against.

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