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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Sep 23, 2000.

  1. Runner

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    Some of you guys may have read my thread I wrote about the trouble I had with my Exmark leaving streaks of uncut grass. Some even offered suggestions. (appreciated) Well, my Lazer went to the dealer the other day. They reset the deck adjustments, checked the spindles,- perfect, tried yet a different set of highlift blades, and changed the deck belt. It's still doing it even at crawling speeds. Now, my question is this. I've had this mower for 3 months now, it has less than 300 hrs. on it, should I ask for another deck? I can't be leaving uncut grass on all my jobs for the next two years! Also, does ANYONE else have this problem with their Lazer? PLEASE give me your input. Thanks again.

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  2. Third Day

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    My Lazer Hp 44 in does not have any problems with leaving strips of grass. Yes I do think its time to ask for a new deck. When you bought the machine, you thought that you were getting something that would cut all the grass you went over. I bet they would not discount the mower based on the satisfaction rate of your customers. I would call and DEMAND a solution. Good luck.
  3. jaybee

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    The blades on my Lazer almost touch. They are that close. It doesn't seem possible that any grass could go uncut. I have a 60'deck. I definitely would want to see the factory rep about your problem.
  4. bob

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    Tell them you want a new mower. They will probably say no. Then they'll come back and say we can only get you a new deck.
  5. bdemir

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    My turf tracer never did this! It sounds weird that you can leave behind strips. I just cant imagine how the spindles could be off unless the deck was wring from the beggining. Im not an expert but the only thing i could think of is maybe your blades are not close enough or not sharp enough at the edges or maybe the baffles were not welded in their aligned places. Im no mower expert maybe ask Lazer he has qutie a bit of experience with exmark mowers. Usually strips are from having the wrong kind of blades on a mower. FOr example using dixie blades on an exmark and vise versa. make sure the blades are so close they almost touch if not, order exmark blades.

  6. Keith

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    Runner, absolutely ask for something to be done about it. 300 hours and three months is nothing. You have invested too much into this machine for sub-standard results. You gave it your best shot at solving the problem and it still persists.
  7. geogunn

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    does it leave uncut grass all the time?

    my bet, even though it's been checked, is that you are loosing blade speed. just my suggestion. good luck!

  8. dhicks

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    Hey you paid top dollar for this machine. Ask for a new mower and settle on a new deck. I wish you all the best!
  9. jrblawncare

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    Runner,sorry to here about your problem,I picked up the new 54" HP this spring and have not had ANY problems at all.Does your dealer have any turf you can cut with your mower?If so, do it an show them the problem and state this is not acceptable what are we going to do about it!!!A call to an Exmark can't hurt either.Good luck and keep us updated on how you make out.JOHN

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