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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bray, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Bray

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    I am currently trying to sell my house. I had my wife cancel our fert guys as I assumed like a dummy that our house would be sold before green up of the bermuda. I now have weeds popping up here and there (in the now greening bermuda) and it is starting to get worse. Tell me if I am wrong here but I have heard that if you use a high nitrogen fert on weeds it will kill them from over growth. So would 30-0-0 work on this or What exactly would I need to use. This is for my own lawn I don't want to mess with or even get into doing any of my customers lawns. The weeds range from dandelions to clover and a few other weeds. What would you guys recommend? I would appreciate any advice.

    I have been spot spraying with roundup but I am afraid as the bermuda is greening up the roundup is going to leave brown spots. Thanks
  2. Bull

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    Why not just go with a post emergent material?
  3. tjgray

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    Evening Bray,

    I would call back your fert guys.....tell them your wife made a mistake see if they will come back out one or two more times.

    If you were going to keep your house I would say go for it and do it yourself but since you are selling could make a huge difference in your sale if chemicals applied without experience messes up your lawn......

    Or you could take the information you learn here and take the risk :D
  4. Bray

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    Post emergent it is. I'll head to the local farm store and pick up a couple of bags. I have done my own lawn before but it has been about 5 years and the books I bought to guide me to the perfect lawn are now packed away and sitting somewhere at my father-in-laws.

    I would call my company back but I would have to pay for the rest of the year and they don't service the area I'm building in.

    Thanks B
  5. tjgray

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    Good Luck Bray :waving:

    Shame your old company won't come out and do a one shot for ya.....we are still small enough that we will :D
  6. jajwrigh

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    ya good luck....
  7. Bray

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    I went down to my farm center here and they had some liquid weed killer (post emergent) for lawns. I paid a total of 14 bucks for a gallon of that and a little fert.
    I bought 2 acres that has to be maintained as per the contract and the last guy I talked to was at almost 200 bucks an application. I need to relearn to take care of my own lawn anyway. What seems weird to me is a lot of the chemicals in my books are now only sold to licensed applicators or farmers. I think I may need to update my 8 year old books. ;)
    Thanks for the help B

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