help with finding info on this odd mower so I can repair it.

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by scfross, May 24, 2004.

  1. scfross

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    I think I have the only riding mower like this in the worl because noone has been able to help yet. I have a "Lowes' by MTD" riding lawn mower. I cannot find a model number anywhere on this thing. It's a 14.5hp with a 42" deck.

    **My problem**
    This thing is stuck in second gear. When I bought off the guy at a garage sale, he said soe type of spring had broken off it. The brake also does not work. Ihave no owners manual or anything. Has anyone ever heard of this type of mower??? I would love to find a place to get a manual for it so I can repair it. I have been on MTD's site and there is nothing about this"Lowe's by MTD" on there and can't email them because it is product specific.

    Please help?????

    Thanks in advance.

    Scott Fross
  2. googleplex

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    Is it a mower made by MTD exclusively for Lowes???

    HD and Lowes (a lot of the big box stores) are having things made to their specs - so they can hit certain price points.

    Check Lowes store/web-site.
    Also check if MTD makes a "14.5hp with a 42" deck".
  3. fixer67

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    It sound like one of the old 600 series made for Lowes. Can you post some photos. If it is I can get you a parts manual. Look under the seat for the model number. They have a bad habit of getting washed away but that is where it was at one time.
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    Is it the blue one (if so I still don't know the mdl # just wondering). The brakes not working could very possiably be from age (the pins stick when not used for a while..could also be the pads are worn totally out). The tranny is probably a standard unit (and you could go to a different web site).

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