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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LawnMan883, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. LawnMan883

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    i have been asked to propose how i will care for a new apartment complex next door. they have 1 other compnay proposing to do the work also. the other company is the one which installed the landscaping. please give me any pointers yo uhave, this guy wants everything done from maintaining the beds to fertilization. he has irrigation and soaks the lawn good. attached is an overhead view of what he's got. theres not a ton of grass, but all the bushes and trees have mulch and he wants that maintained too. please give any suggestions..anything from what type of fertilizer and weed control for th enew lawn, to keeping weeds out of th emulch. thanks

  2. ed2hess

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    The guy that install usually has the inside tract on the job. The apt may be just trying to see if his bid is okay.... The installer usually will tell them he won't warranty the landscape if he doesn't get the job for the first year and i doubt that you can afford to ensure you will keep stuff growing.
  3. bohiaa

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    I think this may be too big of a project for you....
  4. fiveoboy01

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    First question:

    Do you have a licence for pesticide application?

    If not, then pass on this job. This complex is looking for full service and if you can't give it, they'll take someone else who will.

    Like ed2hess said, you might as well not bother, because whoever did the install is going to get it anyways.
  5. LawnMan883

    LawnMan883 LawnSite Member
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    i am currently working to get my applicators lisence. i currently do landscaping at the apartment complex next door to this new one and he likes the work i do, and he made a comment when i talked to him that he thinks i will be a lot cheaper then the company that installed his landscaping. i don;t know if he expects that or was just trying to get me to come in with a low bid, but if i'm in the ballpark i think i have a good chance to get this one. i plan to be a full service company and i plan to get my applicators lisence and also register with the county for snow i can care for the properties all year. i am just wondering th eballpark something like this may be in from what it looks like
  6. LawnMan883

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    Well, i began to work on a propoasal...heres the tasks he wants done
    -lawn mowing, edging, trimming 5 times monthly also includes bagging and hauling off the clippings
    -blowing off sidewalks
    -cleaning parking lot monthly
    -weeding mulch as needed
    -lawn aeration 2x per year
    -shrub and tree trimming.. shrub every other month, trees twice annually
    -fertilization application 4 annually
    -replace mulch as necessary
    -trash pickup from grounds twice weekly

    what do you guys think..i estimated 3900 per month. does this sound way off considering everything that will be offered...any feedback helpful
  7. LawnMan883

    LawnMan883 LawnSite Member
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    what do you think...if i'm way off let me know...i am new to this and trying to not leave money on the table, but also trying ot get the bid too
  8. BeautifulBlooms

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    Do you really want to put all your eggs in one basket? A small error on a job like that will put you right out of business.
  9. N.H.BOY

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    do you have a crew? one other guy? tons of overhead?
  10. topsites

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    A job, any job, should never consist of more than 4-5% of your total available resources, the further over this % you go, the more you will feel the loss... Once you approach 10% the loss is hard, 20% and more and you're almost done for sure, but 4-5% of your company's resources is what I consider reasonable challenge, doable material that if things go south it's not such a big deal.

    With 45 customers, if I lose one or two I hardly feel it, but 4-5 and I know it, if I lose 10 I'm in some deep quack.
    Now I've done the 20% a few times, but any more than that and it's good as over, guess I'm just stupid but then I'm still around.
    So I really think you ought to stick with the smaller stuff until you feel more comfortable, I see the writing on the wall man...

    Otherwise you're way in over your head, like the guys are saying, you're asking us on tips on how to jump off the 300 meter high olympic diving board without getting hurt, make it look good, and oh can we teach you how to swim so you don't drown?
    I am sure there are some Lco's who service properties like that, but I have never touched anything that size, I would think you'd need a company at least 5-10 but really 20 trucks and trailers, for starters, one of THOSE lco's lol.

    As they say, learn to walk before you run, I don't think anybody is trying to be a jerk here.

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