Help with first HOA bid

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Grnt324, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Todd73

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    The "as needed" items jumped out at me as well. Who determines the need?
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    Yes, give the total numbers of mowings. Anthing above that # is extra.
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  3. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    "as needed" is a contract death......fully explain or list the dates of those services.

    then have a cover you bum (COA clause) that you have the professional wisdom to change these service dates should a circumstance arise, and will submit any changes in writing to bla-bla-bla in advance.
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  4. Steve5389

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    as with others, "as needed" jumped out tn me. I would make a set schedule with them and replace "as needed" with actual days. What happens when you are "needed" but you cant commit because you have a booked schedule?
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  5. Grnt324

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    Thanks for the help.
  6. GOL Inc.

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    Take your 37 visits per year x how ever much per visit divided by 12 and that will give you your monthly maintenance cost. Add your fertilization cost plus 20% if you have to sub it out along with your irrigation cost plus 20%. Make sure how ever much the annuals cost you at least double the price of those to cover the labor time for installation. Take all that and add it together and that should give you a yearly contract price, then divide by 12 for a monthly cost. There's two ways you can bid you can either bid it to get it, or bid to get it and make money and that's the only I bid things my friend. Good luck !!
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