help with first semi large job.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by neighborguy, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. neighborguy

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    I have a paver patio and retaining wall job to do an estimate for. It is one raised patio (using Versa-lok to raise it) 88 square feet, half circle patio with a 14 foot radius ( about 310 square feet I think) and a walk way that is about 33 square feet. The versa-lok section is about 20 feet long and seven inches high (includes cap with half block buried. I have my materials figured at about $3900, rentals (New Holland, trucking, and compactor) at about $700. I total estimate is about $8000. Does that sound like a reasonable estimate? any help or suggestions would be appreciated. It is all being done by two guys.
  2. John Allin

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    You better be able to do that job, start to finish, in 3 days to make viable profit.

    Our number would be closer to $13,500.
  3. paul

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    Just so I under stand it, you have 431 sq ft of pavers to install and 20' of one block high plus cap Versa-lok wall.
    431 sq ft pavers = 5 pallets
    20 ft of wall = 1/2 pallet wall
    20 ft cap = 1/4 pallet
    did I get it right?
  4. neighborguy

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    Paul, you are right.
  5. paul

    paul Lawnsite Addict
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    Sounds like your numbers are ok.
    Your material prices seem high,

    500 sq ft pavers @ $3 per sq ft = $1500
    20 sq ft wall @ $5.85 per sq ft = $117
    30 tons stone @ 6.50 per ton = $195
    Glue and misc = $ 300
    total material $2112
    Trucking from Bend $100
    rentals $700
    TOTAL $2912

    Figure I'm off some on the pavers don't know what your using but it should be close to these #. Sounds like a nice job.
  6. Stonehenge

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    from Midwest
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    Am I missing a part of this? The materials cost seems astronomically high. Using Paul's numbers I get less than $1,500 in materials.

    Are you using a really expensive brick?

    And eqpt rentals shouldn't be more than a few hundred. Use the skid loader for 1 day. Do all of your excavation in a couple hours, get all of the crushed stone and brick and block moved to the backyard by afternoon. Return the loader.

    We don't go as fast as Paul's guys, but a project like this would take 3 guys 2 days.

    Unless there are some variables I'm not aware of, you have matls costs of about $1500, labor of about $720 (2 laborers 1 foreman for 2 days, includes all taxes, etc). Eqpt rentals of, say, $350. Total costs of goods sold, about $2600. I'd price the project at about $6K.
  7. steveair

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    Stonehenge's number sounds in the same ball park I would be in. I'd figure in for pavers at around 1.50 sq ft, then 150 delivery. If they were using something fancy, like a belgard tumbled, then I could see 3+, but most other tumbled are around 2.50 sq foot here.

    QP, machine, trucking, removal of soil (if needed), would cost me around 700 total. I sub out to an excavator with tandom/bobcat/mini-excavator. He would come in, escavate, truck stone in, move pallets, spread stone, remove fill.

    I would then do the job by myself (why, I don't know), and can imagine that in 3 days (including the day the excavator was there) I would be very close to finishing. With 3 guys on the job, definitely could get done in 2, but with 2 and all of the stone pick-ups, sand pickup, rental returns/pickups, etc, I'd figure 3 for yourself.

    Being this is one of your first sizable job, I would say relax when doing it. I think everyone would agree that they'd rather hear that the job took you 4-5 days and was done right rather than it took you 2 and was a complete disaster.

    By the way, If the market will bare John's prices, I say we all pack up shop and head on up to his parts! (I'm sure he misread the info though)

  8. John Allin

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    Yeah, I did.... I was assuming that the material costs were accurate.

    It appears that I did project the labor time frame close, given what Stonehenge said. You guys apparently put much more thought into your answers than I did.

    Reminds me that I gotta think before I speak.....

    Knew this forum was good for something....

  9. paul

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    Ok thought I was going nuts here :) I knew it shouldn't cost that much to do this job:) We could toss this job in a day with three guys, but take your time and do it right.

    Nice thing about Bricks they don't die :)
  10. neighborguy

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    figured out why my materials cost was so high, I calculated the number of brick per square foot (4.6) and then multiplied this number (the number of pavers) by the price per square foot. My paver cost was $3100 should be only about 700 dollars (at 1.6065 per sq ft)
    431 sq ft X 1.6065 = 692.4015 You guys just saved my rear. Thanks a ton.

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