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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by soccer911, Aug 29, 2006.

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    I have a customer that want me to keep her flowerbed clean and trim. The problem is we are dealing with fast growing flowers placed very close together. Such as Zinnias, Moss Rose and Lantana. First of all my expertise is not in ornamental flowers. So any help would be appreciated. The Lantana is taking over the whole flowerbed. I am having to cut it back about every 2 weeks or so just to keep it under control and by doing this I am always cutting off the part that is flowering. The customer is not getting to enjoy the flowers it produces. The Zinnias are getting so big and top heavy that they are no longer standing up some are falling over. HELP!!!!!!!

    I am going to attempt to attach pics. Sorry about the quality it was at night. Two of the pics show the Lantana already trimmed.

    Picture 005.jpg

    Picture 004.jpg

    Picture 003.jpg

    Picture 002.jpg

    Picture 001.jpg
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    You should be selectively cutting back the tallest zinnias and the longest stems on the lantanas every week. The trick is to make it look like you have not trimmed. Follow the longest branch/stem of the lantans back into the base of the shrub and make the cut, one hand on the stem, make the cut and throw the cut off piece into a barrel or burlap. This way everything is always pushing and looking great.

    I would also cut back on the frequency of thew water and stop fertilizing. Looks like a miracle grow bed. Maybe go to a high phos product with little or no nitrogen to slow the vegetative growth. The plants look healthy, good job. I would get rid of the Bermuda and milkweed though.
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    Thank you for the advice.

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