Help with Ford problems.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by We do 4 U, Dec 17, 2002.

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    And GM is the perfect vehicle and NEVER has any problems.

  2. No it aint and neither is ford by a damn long shot.You keep saying about chevy on plow sight.Well go to f150 online and read the same old piston slap on the new 5.4 With one big difference though the ford are blowing head gaskits and even the spark plugs blowing off the motor.

    Aint none of em perfect
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    Well I dont know how to attach files but my dad gave me the gm piston slap TSB and I tried to post it but dont know how! Anyways all trucks have there problems ALL!!!!! so even new ones have some defects right from the factory! So a truck over 10 years expect some breakdowns!
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    We have a 1990 F-150 as well. Some things we have encountered are as follows:

    1. Bad axle seal. Common to some Fords.

    2. A burnt valve on cylinder # 8. Evidently caused by a faulty emmission system which dumps a lot of recirculated exhaust gasses into cylinder # 8. My mechanic says it is common to 302 Ford v8s or should I say he has seen it a lot.

    3. Power window gears breaking. Easy to fix with a $18.00 rebuild kit.

    4. Bad oil plugs on M5OD manual 5 speed. We caught it in time before we ruined the transmission. These rubber plugs are on the top of the transmission near the shifter. The deteriorate after time and leak.

    Other wise a good truck, 170,000 miles. After all it is over 10 years old and gets worked hard.

    Our mistake was not getting a F-250.

    Hope this is of help.

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    we do 4 u ,

    Are you the original owner, have you done all the routine maint on it ??

    If not , What I do Is change all the fluids , like diffs, transfer case, tranny .. etc.... Then I would change the u joints just to be safe even if ok... The solid non greasable joint s are better, they use a special grease that wont wear out or wash out.. the greasable ones are weaker.. they are drilled inside to allow the grease to flow to the corners...

    Pressure test the cooling system, change all hoses and belts, check and clean all battery and other improtant wiring conectors, like starter , etc, and use dielctric grease on all these connections, especially where attacked by water..

    Check your brakes, pull hubs and check seals , and bearings,regrease wheel berarings.. ball joints, tie rod ends, etc.... Make sure all the greasable items are greased everytime you change the oil..

    SOme things just go for no apparent reason , like people.. It just happens, nothing you can do to prevent certain things from going bad.. But you can minimize the breakdowns, by doing
    preventative maint and checking items over from time to time.. That s all you can do... stay on top of it so it cant get ontop of you.. These things will gt you on newer trucks too.. I have an F250 with 68K miles and just finished putiing in the second set of ball joints today..( not inclding the originals ) ..

    Best wishes

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