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I received a call from someone wanting to plant a few 100 yds of rye. From what gathered he wants it green as soon as possible. Currently the lawn is all Centipede, What ferts should I add to seed the process up w/out damaging the current grass?


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What your talking about is over seeding your dormant warm season grass(centipede) with winter rye grass a cool season grass.
What I do is broadcast 50 lbs rye seed per 10000 sq. ft.(usually around the latter part of October early part of November) . Keep seed moist till germination about 10-15 days.Then about 1 week after germination I apply approx. 6 bags 40 lbs each of 10-10-10 quick release fertilizer per 20000 sq.ft.. Then I'll water about 1-3 times per week 30 minutes each time. The amount of watering is a judgment call depending upon many factors we come across ie. rain fall,temperature etc. This will enable you to a have a GREEN lawn during the winter time. In my area when the temperatures start getting hot, around late March early April the heat will kill off all of the winter rye.This temperature increase will in turn force the centipede out of dormancy.

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