Help with Front Wheel


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Etta MS
Thanks to the input from members here, I recently purchased a Used JD Z925A.

Now I turn to the experts for more help. The front left wheel of my 925 sits about 1/4" off the ground when the machine is stopped on level ground. (It's high enough off the ground to spin the wheel freely by hand without much resistance when machine isn't running). Once moving, the weights gets distributed evenly on both front wheels. The cut doesn't seem to be affected.

I'm curious if this is common, or if it is a simple fix? Do I need to worry? Is it a sign of another more serious issue?

The dealer told me that is was due to a low rear tire, and they would fix it by airing up the rear tire to appropriate pressure. They loaded the machine for me and once it was tied down, I didn't think about it again until I mowed with it once back home. The dealer I purchased it from is 3 hours from home, but I have a local dealer closer to home. the machine is under warranty, but not sure if this will be covered.

All input is appreciated.