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I was wondering what you some of you guys include in your full maintence contracts. I have about 20 customers and there all on a per time basis for mowing only. I would like to get them to agree to a full maintence contract. But not sure how to go about it. How can I sell this idea to my customers? Any secrets or ideas you have please let me know. Thanks


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Here's the options i gave in the letter i just sent out that can be included in monthly fee , so far got about 12 back all wanting something extra, only one called back saying they're not going for it because they want every other week cuts.Oh well, see ya
In addition to mowing:
Fert + weed control
Annuals installed
Weeding,edging, mulching beds
Shrub trimming
Lawn, shrub + tree, pest+disease monitoring + treatments
Leaf cleanup
Gutter cleaning
Snow removal, minimum 8 trips



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If this is your only income, you write them a letter saying you love having them as customers but you need to have a predictable income. Perhaps reduce your rate a few percentage points for a monthly contract.
Todd gave you a pretty good list of extra services to offer. Make yourself invaluable to your customers.
I offer a yearly contract which includes mowing, fert/weed control,aeration,spring and fall cleanup and five months of snow removal for twelve easy payments of_______. Also offer a list of other services at an hourly rate.
Good luck.

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