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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JCA1, Jul 16, 2012.

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    It's been a while since I logged on. I hope everyone is doing great. Some of you may remember when I bought this gravely?

    Anyway, it's been a great machine until a little while ago. I was cutting grass and it just starting cutting out. I cleaned the fuel lines and the tanks in case of debris (the fuel lines are new, black, from Gravely. The old ones rotted away), replace the fuel filter. This did not help at all. Then I pulled the carb and cleaned it the best I could without actually taking it completely apart. This seems to do the trick. It ran great for a few weeks and then suddenly my problem returned. I instantly pulled the carb and cleaned it again but this time it did not help.

    Here are my symptoms:

    Idles fine
    Runs good when going straight most of the time, but when I spin around it almost dies, then sputters for a bit and picks back up. Sometimes it struggles for a while before it picks back up. The fuel filter has only a little bit of fuel in it.

    If I disengage the blades and let it idle for a minute or two, it runs great for a few minutes after I re-engage the blades and cut.

    I'm thinking maybe the fuel pump is bad?

    Anyone had a problem like this before?
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    Not that it interests anyone, but here's an update just in case someone runs upon this one day.

    Today I checked fuel solenoid and voltage, all fine. Pulled the solenoid and bowl. Everything looked fine but I did notice a very small amount of a foreign substance in the bowl. I drained each section of gas line and found this same substance in each section of line as well.

    Then I checked the tank selector valve by blowing through a new piece of hose, connected to the left and right intakes individually. This is where I believe my problem was. With the valve off, no flow was present through the left intake, but flow was present through the right intake. This leads me to believe the valve was drawing through both sides and with the right tank empty, was pulling air and possibly light moisture from condensation?

    I ran new fuel lines from carb to pump,pump to filter, filter to left tank outlet, and completely bypassed the right tank and selector valve. I ran the unit for about 15 minutes with no re-occurrence of my previous issues. Since I am only a homeowner and not a professional, one tank will suffice for me.

    Hopefully I have it fixed, time will tell.

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