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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brentsawyer, Oct 13, 2003.

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    This fall I will be working solo w/ a new 52" Tiger Cub w/ cyclone rake, Lesco leaf loader and F-350 12'x8' dump and a farm that I have access to dump for free at which is about 15 minutes average from my yards. I usually average $65-75hour mowing solo. So as far as 'leaf only' equipment I have $4,000 that is one year old and many of my customers have dense coverage of trees in their lawns. What I'm trying to figure out is in years past I've charged too little for my fall cleanups and need to increase prices. However, the many customers that I have aren't used to paying what I really need which should be $75-85 hour for my services in the fall. Previously I was charging around $50 hour and this was added to monthly bill and they didn't see this as an hourly rate just a fee for cleaning up the leaves. SO what I'm wondering is what would some of you do to increase your prices to justify/warrant the additional equipment being used and not jeopardize client relationships so that I don't risk losing any accounts. I'm not so concerned about the money in the fall since I't dosen't make a huge dent in my yearly income, reason is that I have a route that allows me to do 20+ lawns per day that are real nice throughout the summer and honestly that is what pays the bills.
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    If your concerned about losing them, maybe just tell them the rate has to go up, and raise them for the leaves to maybe $60-65 per hour. Then in maybe a year or 2, do it again. This way they wont get a huge increase at once, and you shouldnt lose what you rely on.

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