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Help with JD 60" SD/mulching blowout

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hpc, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. hpc

    hpc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 9

    Need some advice on how to prevent or lessen blowout from the mid-mount 60" SD deck
    on my 4115 (tractor).

    Background info: central Indiana locale; Kentucky Bluegrass - grows like
    gang-busters and cutting twice per week (well, about every 4-5 days).
    Try to avoid cutting in morning while dew present - but sometimes you gotta.

    Received tractor and deck with JD's Tricycler kit installed.
    Cut grass; some blowout from side of deck opposite discharge chute. Also,
    some clumping. Switched to Gator Magnum blades which required some grinding
    clearance reliefs in the baffles. Much better job of mulching, but still get fair
    amount of clippings left on top of grass and you're covered in dust/etc. from
    blowout from left side of deck which blows forward and then wind blows it back in
    your face. Plus, left side of tractor hood screens are matted with clippings thrown

    Bought aluminum gutter screen and covered it in duct tape and then duct taped it
    onto (left) front edge of deck. Reduced blowout somewhat, but after extending
    the screen around the left side, greatly reduced the amount of debri thrown up.
    But still left with areas where clippings are left on top and you need to make
    that second, third pass to clean up.

    BUT, keep snagging the screen on whatever and end-up losing it.

    I am now looking at buying a set of Dixie Chopper double blade adapters and
    drilling the center hole out to accomodate the 7/8" (+ or -) spindle bolt and initially
    using the original blades on the bottom and the Tricycler (high lift) mulching
    blades on top.

    The goal is to:

    a) reduce clippings lying on top of the grass and hence, NOT having to make one or
    more passes to eliminate them;
    b) reduce the amount of stuff blown out from under the deck on the side opposite
    the discharge opening. After cutting the lawn, I look like Charlie Brown's friend,
    Pig Pen, from all the crap thrown up from underneath and blowing back in
    your face...not to mention having to clean the hood screens, etc.

    Granted the 4115 is NOT the most agile thing to use when cutting grass, but it
    is definitely worth its weight in gold when the front loader is put on for snow removal;
    hauling mulch/dirt/etc. around; and tilling the wetland WEEDS (big motha's at least
    six feet tall) with the tiller on the three-point.

    To reduce the amount of time spent mowing from about 2.5 hours down to something
    like 1 hour AND end up with a more pristine looking lawn, I'm considering the JD 997,
    but do not want to end up with the same problems with deck blowout, lack of
    mulching, etc. Am leaning towards the rear discharge deck, but am seeking
    advice of others regarding SD vs. RD when mulching. BTW: I prefer diesel power.

    Appreciate the help.


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