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    i'm thinking of buying a 15,000 to 18,000 lb excavator and was looking at the 75uu zero radius with offset boom. does anyone have one of these that can tell me how they are. can u dig a full basement.can u lift a moffia block. is it a good do it all machine, or are there better ones.
    thanks for the help,anthony
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    I have had my pc-75-uu1 for almost a year now and absolutely love it. It really is a digging machine! They will dig 14', which is enough for the basements I have done. Before I bought mine, I looked at a lot of excavators, and could'nt beat the Komatsu. The only thing I am considering changing is the tracks, from rubber to steel, as mine are nearing failure. The Caterpillar machine I looked at in that weight class, a 307ssr I believe, was also very nice, but $7,000 more for a machine with the same hours as mine. If you have any specific questions I'll do my best to answer.
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    thanks for the sounds like it's a very good machine.
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    I see your from Seymour, i'm near stamford. The Komatsu PC75 is a grey market machine, there are lots of them on . Multi Machine in NJ has a bunch, my friend from bridgeport bought a mini excavator from there, and Connecticut Aggregates (whos doing the crushing at Kimballs on rt 25) he bought a tracked dump truck from there, no problems so far. They usually have a 4 page ad in back of equipment trader near the index.

    My friend has a 307SSR and there are some stress cracks on the articulated boom, and the cab is also very tight. If you're going to be pulling stumps or doing and heavy duty work, you might be better off with a straight boom. Another thing is to find a machine with steel tracks with rubber bolt on pads on them vs rubber tracks.

    A Cat 307, Komatsu PC60, Kobelco SK60 are all around the same size range. Al Prestons garage on 110 sells Takeuchi, which makes a 175 which is in the same class too.

    Let us know what you decide on
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    I'll agree about getting a straight boom vs. the side shift version, especially for landscaping. Personally, I don't ever have a need to put an excavator next to a building and dig close to the foundation. But I've found that the "standard" articulating setup found on smaller mini excavators that swings the whole boom is quite versatile and might be an option to look at on a larger machine, as you can get just as close to a foundation with this setup as well.
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    Stay away from the articulated booms they are junk and add alot of weight above your head. One contractor I know that had a Komatsu with the articulated boom hated it and sold the machine. The other problem the boom swings over the cab and you can drop things ontop of the cab accidently.

    Machines here have guarding on them for landclearing work so if you do drop something ontop of the cab it won't kill you.

    The same contractor I meantioned had rubber tracks and he got rid of them right away he had one scare in the winter in the snow the machine slid down a hill uncontrollably.

    I have ran machines with rubber tracks and I hate them too they are slippery than ****. I have slid down dirt slopes with rubber tracks it is unnerving to say the least. Trying to climb the hill the tracks skipped and jumped on top of the surface there was no grip whatsoever. Had to constantly pull and push myself with the boom.

    As for Komatsu equipment I'am not so sure about yet I know contractors here are trying them up to the 158 size. I think I would stick with a Hitachi or a John Deere machine or you can go with Kobelco.

    Personally I think Cat is over rated the good machines they build are Dozers and Wheel Loaders not many people in this area run Cat excavators.

    For mini excavators ie 11,000lbs and less Kubota is pretty good I don't think you can go wrong with a Kubota machine.

    When you spec a excavator make sure it comes with a hydraulic thumb and quick connect buckets two most valuable features on a excavator. Even mini excavators in the 6000lb range have hydraulic thumbs.

    Good luck with the decision
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    I bought a Komatsu PC50uu from Multi Machine in NJ about 4 yrs ago and since then have only put new tracks on it. The machine has about 5300 hrs on it and I have done nothing else to the machine other than the tracks. It works each and everyday with ZERO problems. I was one of the 1st guys in my area to purchase one of these grey market machines and over the last few years I have seen many lands/const. guys breaking into that market. The 50uu is by far the best class 50 and under excavator ($ for $) I have ever run, and I have run them all. I also am waiting to pick up a PC75uu from Multi-Machine this week, just finalizing my credit situation. I went with steel tracks w/ rubber inserts on that one + full cab. In my opinion you can go wrong with either... :cool:
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    Check out the Deere 50D before you buy.

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