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i was looking at the gas zero turns from kubota on a dealer website and it says the decks are stamped. Is this true? If so how do they hold up? I was told to steer clear from stamped decks. Thanks much.


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You can do a search on stamped vs. welded for much more information on here. Stamped decks for Kubota, JD, etc commercial equipment are much different than those of traditional homeowner equipment. These 7-gauge reinforced workhorses generally mulch and discharge better (smoother surface with fewer joints/crevices for developing clogs). Smaller manufacturers rely on welded decks partly because they can't afford the enormous initial investment for the machinery capable of stamping anything other than much lighter weight sheetmetal.


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I was at the dealer today. You can now get the kubota ZTR with a stamped or welded deck. They had one of each. Which ever you like. I might buy two 60" diesel now they have welded deck for next year. But $9500 each is a lot just to cut grass. I have a stamped deck on my B7500 tractor (i bought it used off a neighbor). It works ok, just takes to long to cut with in tight areas. But wide open areas are great. Since my ZTRS are 52" decks.


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Mowhigh has it right--a stamped deck has much better airflow due to the smooth compound curves that can't possibly be duplicated by welded fabrication manufacturing. But it doesn't matter whether you have a stamped or welded deck if A) you're going to carelessly run it into solid obstacles, or B) you're not going to take the time and trouble to clean out the accumulations of clippings that will stick in various parts of the deck underside.

Whichever you think will be best for your situation, you have to take care of it.

Or hire one of us and save all the trouble.


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I agree with the others who commented.
I would add however that I have had 2 Kubotas (B2150 and BX2200) and the decks are nearly indestructible. A smaller one I got for a relative was also a stamped Kubota and it is solid too. Don't worry about a stamped Kubota -- they are GOOD decks. If you tear it up you deserved it.