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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by pryker, Sep 14, 2004.

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    In Maryland the magic month for lawn fall prep is Sept. You guys can call me a lawn fanatic... I love lush green lawns. I spend many hours getting my lawns just they way I like them. Soil samples, organic ferts, pesticide, disease control, areation, dethatching... you name it...

    Now that I own a home with a good 2.5 acres of lawn I want to do the same but I am finding it very challneging and very expensive.

    I can handle the core aeration, fertilizing, soil tests but I am struggling with fall topdressing and seeding.

    For topdressing in the past I would simply call one of these companies that would use a blower to place about a 1/4 inch of topdressing on my lawn in the fall and I usually paid around $900 for a 1/2 acre. It was great because it was already spread out. I did nothing except write them the check.

    I called the same outfit this year and they want $4K to blow on 2.5 acres of lawn. Whew... I will not be doing that this year!! The problem is my lawn desperately needs topdressing. Since there must be a lot of people on here that have large lawns I would like to get a better understanding of how you guys go about doing this?

    I also use a verticutter for overseeding but now the yard is sooo big it would take me a week straight to do that. any receommendations on best way to seed after topdressing is down? 3 pt spreader?? I would prefer to use something that gets the seed down in the soil. Otherwise 50% of the seed is wasted.

    I own 2 tractors. a International 404 and a Ford 881 both with 3 pt hitches.

    How has others with large lawns handled this? thanks.

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    sent ya a PM

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