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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BCFLawnLandscape, Apr 10, 2008.

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    I have a customer who is wanting red lava rock put into his beds instead of mulch, Now the local guy that carries it around here sells it in bulk, by the ton. This job i'm working on would normally be about 12 yards of mulch. Does anyone know how to convert this to yards to be able to tell me how many TONS of lava rock to buy? Any help would be great! I've never put down the lava rock or any type of rock in beds before, I've only done mulch! Please let me know ASAP!
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    Mulch is typically 4" deep around here.
    Ask your salesman "How many square feet of coverage can be expected per ton?"

    Generally a couple inches of any kind of stone is adequate, depending on what it is covering. Lava rock is lighter than your washed or limestones.

    OR, just ask how much does 12 yards of lava rock weigh and then go from there.
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    If its new install mulch then 12 yards would cover 960-1200 sq ft thats 3-4' think.
    Lava rock covers about 250sq ft per ton at 2" thick (covers a lot due to how light it is)
    I'd get 6-7 tons that will cover it 3" thick. Ive never seen anyone be able to install stone a 2" thick without showing the weed barrier
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    Thanks for all your help!

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