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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kwtneo, Sep 26, 2001.

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    Hi all,

    have a question i hope you guys can help with. was renting a hous with a 300 sqf lawn fo 6 months in california. Have since relocated to New York and the landlord wants to charge us 1139 dollars for the repair of the lawn, claiming that entire portions of the lawn required replacments. (unfortunately my roomate who arrived at the property first did not take photos showing the initial conditions)

    my questions are:

    1. what constitutes normal wear and tear with regards to lawns?
    2. Is $1139 a reasonable price to pay?

    thanks for your help. any suggestions would be welcome as well.
  2. lawnboy82

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    I would think that this is a job for a lawyer? So what you are saying is that you moved into a rental unit, and now the landlord wants you to pay for damages to the lawn? Maybe talk to a lawyer.

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    Use the search function - try "sod price". You will get several threads on the subject. One was very similar to your size lawn - "sod/price please". If you have trouble finding it, you can email me.
  4. Runner

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    It sounds like he's trying to scam you.300 sq.ft. can be worked up and sodded TWICE for 1200! Time to go We here will be more than HAPPY to give you some estimates to prove it can be done cheaper. How many do you need, 40? 50? You could GET them! Good luck with it!
  5. awm

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    are you mabe trying to get a deposit back. sounds like
    some of the stuff ive heard before .30 yrs before.
    i own mine now, almost. later
  6. gusbuster

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    Was it in your rental agreement that you would have to maintain the property? The yard is your responsibility if written into the rental agreement.

    The cost:
    Are you sure it's only 300 sq ft?? Were their plants also or a new sprinkler system installed? It is in my opinion excessive except for the fact that the owner may have paid a premium price (3.80 per sq. ft.)because he wanted the job done yesterday and not tomorrow. In the bay area, (San Francisco) that lawn, if you're giving the correct sq.ft. Should of cost you between $1.15 to $1.50 per sq. ft

    Do you have the paid receipt in hand? California state law requires that. See how much you were charged per sq. ft or sq. yard.


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