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Help with Lesco Seed?


LawnSite Member
Hamptonburgh, NY
:dizzy: I am looking to over seed about an Acre. The lawn took a really bad beating over the summer (drought). The lawn is in southern NY (Orange County). It get full sun the entire day. No irrigation system yet, possibly one next year. I have already de-thacthed what's left and will be using a slit seeder. I was looking into the LESCO Eagle Blend with blue. But I see some good comments ion the transition blend. Can any give me some suggestion on the above grass seed or others.


LawnSite Senior Member
Transition is a triple fescue mix. It will stand up better to drought than the Eagle blend w/ blue will. Bluegrass will tolerate very cold temperatures better than the fescue. Teammates Plus is also a good seed to use if you want some fescue (80% triple fescue, 10% perennial rye, 10% blue).


LawnSite Member
Used Lesco Trasition for the last three seasons and it introduced wild garlic in most every yard..

Switched to Lebanon Pro Scape Winning Colors this year should have over 10,000 pounds down by next week..

So far in direct comparisons the Lebanon Winning Colors does seem to have a darker color and great germination..

Time will tell..

Any other feedback on Winning Colors?