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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DOUBLEGHAMMER, Apr 17, 2008.


    DOUBLEGHAMMER LawnSite Member
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    I have an old lesco spreader with the numbers on it , I am using anderson products this year. Anybody know how to get a chart to cross the two. I would still calibrate & check, just looking for a starting point.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    you must have a newer one because they were all letters until about ten years ago then they went to numbers, I have a Lesco small wheel from the early 1970's mainly used now just for my couple of putting greens but it's all letters Bro.

    DOUBLEGHAMMER LawnSite Member
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    thanks PSUTURFGEEK i went to the lesco site & found what i was looking for, the letters were just throwing me off, thanks for the help.
  4. cwags73

    cwags73 LawnSite Member
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    How much do you guys who use Lesco spreaders over lap for uniform coverage? Do you throw to the last wheel track? I got a new one last week, I calibrated it but still seem to use a little more product then I should. I never had this with my older spreaders, Just trying to find out if it's me(most likely) or if they have some quirk I haven't picked up on.
  5. ted putnam

    ted putnam LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I (try) to throw to the middle of the tire tracks. There are so many variables...prill size,walking speed,height of person applying changes walking speed, that it's almost impossible to be exact. I try to conciously walk the same speed throughout the app...each and every app.
  6. garydale

    garydale LawnSite Senior Member
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    On our units we pull the third hole slide all the way out then slide it back two notches.
    You may need to play with it to get your spread close.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    Or you can get a Spyker.

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