Help with levelling issues


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I would like some help. I bought a Super Z last year, love the time I save mowing my 14 acres, some of it is wooded. The mower runs great near the house where things are nice and level, but the bulk of my lawn is quite bumpy. I also have one acre recently cleared that I want to make nice and level. I really do not know where to start in going about this.

I have the following equipment currently available:
Mahindra E350 DI tractor-not equipped with hydraulics
boom pole
5 foot heavy dute tiller
a cheaply made blade
a single bottom plow
heavy duty disc harrow

I've thought about just repeatedly running the disc harrow over the current lawn with all the discs set straight, kind of running it as a non coring aerator. I could always totally redo areas using the disc and tiller, than buying something to rake and level the area before reseeding. I've also wondered if a nice core aerator would help. I'd also consider hiring someone with a PTO driven powered device-something similar to how the lawn got so level near the house, but I think this would be expensive...

Any suggestions for me?