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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SweetGreens, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. SweetGreens

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    I was wondering how to design your own logo on the computer. I really just want to get a rough design and play around a bit so i can take it my friends mom who is agraphic designer and have her make it perfect. Are there any free programs that you can download on line? or are there tools on microsoft or word programs? Any help would be great!! I am also changing my business name from Ben's Lawn & Landscape to Sweet Greens Lawn& Landscape or something with Sweet Greens. how do you guys like it? Does anyone have any design ideas for me?? I want something clean, proffesional, and simple. I love a clean looking logo on the side of a truck. Anything at all would be of a help. Thank you!!!

  2. tradeyouraccounts

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    I would personally get a logo design by an online company. ItÂ’s very reasonable to have them do it and they can also design your business cards and flyers in the correct formats for printing. Sweet greens sounds cool.:clapping:
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    I had my logo done by a friend of mine who does this sort of thing part time along wiht websites, and other marketing services, (he got into this by doing motorcross graphics) he also does my website too feel free to send him an email if you like his work some of his work...





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