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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by farmgirl, Jun 21, 2001.

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    I have 3 acres which was once a tobacco field, so the grass is more weeds than grass. There is a lot of clover which is very thick and holds the dampness. We purchased 2 - 17hp, 42" deck Yard-Man just over a year ago and have already put over 110 hours on each, they struggle through the thick clover. Our original thought was that having 2 people cut at once would knock out the work, WRONG. We are now looking at purchasing a commercial zero turn radius mower. We are considering a Kubota ZD21, we especially like how the deck rotates for ease of cleaning. But I'm not sure if the 60" deck is going to reduce our cutting hours that much. Also, the $9K price tag is fairly steep but appears to be in line with the equivalent Toro's and JD's that we have looked at. Suggestions?
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    I have to cut about 6 acres of the same type of field grass. I originally tried a Woods 21HP diesel with a 61" deck and I found it underpowered for this environment.

    For $8999 I got the Toro Z287L with the 27HP liquid cooled Kawasaki. I originally wanted a diesel but this liquid cooled gas engine will out live me. At 110 hours per year you will probably get at least 27 years use out of it (assuming a engine life of 3000 hours). It has the 72" deck and the Exmark full suspension seat. It will mow anything it can roll over. My grass is dry when I mow but I have read that the design of the Toro SFS deck is very good at mowing wet grass. It has a channel so that the clippings from each blade pass around the next blade to the right. This way the blades are cutting grass that has already been cut.
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    sorry for the typo I meant the blades are NOT cutting grass that has already been cut. Oops.
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    Are you actually a famer? If so consider at 3 point attachment mower. Like a 60" on your tractor.

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