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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nekos, Jul 30, 2004.

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    i have been lurking these boards for well over a year.and it seems the people here truly know what they are talking about.
    this is my first year in business. i am what you all call a scrub , no taxes, home depot trailer and a 21 inch mower. oh ya almost forgot i have a bad ass broom too !!!
    i only cut i only cut a few yards now but next year i plane on becoming a legitimate business and hopefully growing to about 20 - 30 accounts.
    any way, i need some help with my first commercial mower. i have narrowed it down to a gravely pro G 36 $2299.00 or a gravely pro H 36 $3580.00 . i will be mainly cutting gated yards and any thing bigger will not fit.

    i want the hydro but I'm worried about dropping $4K on my first mower any opinions on these 2 mowers to help me decide would be much appreciated :)

    thx every one :)
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    Just use what you got . your already doing better than the rest of the guys on this site

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    A hydro would be preferred if:

    -You will be cutting a lot of hills
    -You will doing a lot of bagging, belt drives tend to drag some with the weight of the bagger.

    It boils down to money and how fast you intend to grow. I take it you have the cash for a hydro. If you are going to stay small for awhile, I'd save your money and get a belt drive. But its really just a decision of whether you want to spend more money for better performance. You can always sell a good machine if it doesn't work out.

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