Help with mowing estimate 2.45 acres

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GRASSMONKEYS, Jul 14, 2012.


    GRASSMONKEYS LawnSite Member
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    Attached are pictures of a property I need to give an estimate on. My issue I've never done a property this large and I'm unfamiliar with the how much time to expect it take. The customer wants mowed and some trimming. There is a smaller area with a pool not pictured also, but you'll get the basic idea. I will be using a Turf Tracer 48" with a stand-on.







    THIESSENS TLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    interested to know what others will quote. if it were me using a 48", i would probly charge $150-$200 per cut. im guessing the turf tracer has a top speed of 10mph. maybe 2-2.5hrs? i dont know, just a guess. i live in canada too, so prices will vary. I've heard of guys getting around $80-$100 per acre where i live.
  3. Wicked Mower

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    I have a property close in size to this one, and I charge 125 per mow. Basically, I try to charge in the vicinity of 40-45 dollars per acre for moderate trimming involved. But that's just me.
  4. fastlane

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    Top speed on my TT is about 6 -7 mph. It looks like you could spend more time trimming than mowing.
  5. andersontl2

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    I do one with a 48 Hustler that is 2.5 acres, I charge them $165 and only trim around the house...Good Luck
  6. MOturkey

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    The charge for the services shouldn't change because of the equipment you use, unless you are forced to use smaller or slower mowers because of conditons on the site, or per customer request.

    I would, personally, want to charge $120 or so, because of all the trimming, if you are required to do it all. However, in all likelihood, in this area, they could find someone to do it for under $100. I recently bid $85 for two acres with what I estimated to be 30-40 minutes of trimming, and didn't get the job.
  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Everybody areas is different for pricing
    I dont under stand why people charge more when they use small mowers
    For this job If I was bidding it be under 80 looks like 1hr to 1.5 hrs I would use 72'' or a 60''
    In my area thats a Med size lawn I own a 50'' mower but wouldnt take it to that job

    Good luck on your bidding
  8. TinMan1

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    Looks like $100 to me
  9. Dr.NewEarth

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    Hey Thiessen, you live in Canada? Do you know Dave in Vancouver?

    I'm going to guess that it will take four hours to maintain this property.:gunsfirin:gunsfirin
  10. KerryWalker

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    That is a lot of grass to cut with a small machine. I have places that are not as large that I charge at $125/cut with a three cut minimum. And it seems as though the grass is a little tall so it will take you a little extra time and gass to get the job done. So, I would not go for less than $125/cut. I think that's fair.

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