help with my 1 full-time employee taxes

Discussion in 'Employment' started by jlbf0786, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Mark Stark

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    Im pretty organized when it comes to paperwork and such. We had a labor audit in 2017 for my other business.

    They spent an entire day at our office and looked at EVERYTHING. In the end, we were 100% compliant. It always going to cause some anxiety but do yourself a favor and find a good CPA.

    Trying to do taxes, payroll, etc., on your own is as bad as buying homeowner grade equipment. You'll try it once and realize it's foolish. A good CPA will save you way more than they charge.

    It's not to late to get yourself on track. Good luck!
  2. TPendagast

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    Dipstick and didn’t know any better are two different things.
    I just don’t think the op was deliberately screwing the pooch.
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  3. jlbf0786

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    Thanks guys, I'll do that!
  4. jlbf0786

    jlbf0786 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use Quickbooks for all of our invoicing, etc. but when it comes to payroll it's new to me so I'm just trying to figure it out (should've been done last year.. I know)
    I do want to pay him "on the books" and do things the right way, but I literally had pussy footed around and now here I am trying to decide what his and my best option is for 2017
  5. kemco

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    Right now based on what I read on the IRS website failure to send the w-2 in on time it's a penalty to you of something like a $30 per 30 day period, non-prorated, I believe, so just pay it and send it on in. Plus you employee probably is wanting to get whatever refund they can as soon as they can so they need it ASAP. Lesson learned and move on. But keep not filing it and the IRS wont put anything in your stocking on Christmas. Oh, yeah that's someone else.
  6. jc1

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    If your using Quick books already It will take about an hour to get set up with their payroll service.

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