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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by We do 4 U, Jun 5, 2002.

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    i talked to my dealer yesterday about zrt's. They sell john Deere and Toro. I have bought all my eguipment from them and have recived good service. here's my problem. My deler can no longer sell Toro proline factory direct. He has to go through a middle man which means Toro cost more and takes longer to get parts. I also don't like John Deere. I had a 54 walk behind and it cut fast but nowere near the quality of the toro 44 walk behind. So in your opinion should I go with another dealer? He also won't let me demo the zrt's. He dosen't sell many off them so I think he's worried of seeling a "used" demo and not getting the same profit from it.
    I'm also worried that if I go with another dealer, will he still give me the same service on the stuff i bought from him?
  2. Albemarle Lawn

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    You are in a large market. Should be plenty of dealers, esp Virginia Beach.

    Go to another dealer with good support, demos, etc. You won't regret it. Another dealer can also service what your Toros.

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    Sounds likr your trying to be loyal but you dealer is not. Look at the other dealers in the area you may just find a good one.
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    If he isn't wanting to put a little extra into it, why should you? What I mean is, HE's in the business to DO business. If he isn't willing to go as far as to even let you check out a demo, then he isn't really serious about doing business. Let him phase himself out of the commercial market if that's what he wishes. The important thing, is that you are a company. This is what you do for a LIVing. You are not some homeowner wondering what putt-putt tractor has the neatest graphics and best tread on the tire. There are too many SERIOUS dealers out there who cater to the SERIOUS contractor. You had BETTER make sure your dealer has a demo you can use if whatever machine you get ends up being serviced. THIS is one of the things to look for. My dealer, for instance, has SEVERAL demos just for that They cater to such a broad commercial market, that they ALways have an equivilent mower available for you. They told me when I bought my first, that if they ever happened to not have a machine like mine to take, then they'd pull one off the floor. Now, that is not to say that all dealers should be this supportive or prepared, but you should atLEAST have something to back you up, and a dealer that is willing to work for you. Bottom line is, - shop around.

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