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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by airluyt, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I just started my company, its called Luyts turf & home services and I am excited to do my first job. This person wants there gutters cleaned and wants there old lawn ripped out and sod put in. this is perfect for me but I am gonna need some advice on how to rip the lawn out and put the new one in. i know how to install sod and what to do there is the ripping out and adding soil so there new lawn grows nice. for estimating i was thinking i would charge them 3.25 a roll for the sod and for everything else the prep time and gutters charge 35 dollars an hour. Do i charge them for the rental of the machine that it will take to rip the old lawn out as well?
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    Sounds a little low to me. $35/hour isn't much at all. Should be closer to $60/hour. And charge them for the rental as well. Not sure what a roll of sod costs but you should mark it up a bit as well. Don't cheat yourself....but if you think your time is only worth $35/hour than by all means charge that.
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    Thanks for the advice. Its not that I don't think I'm worth that its that I don't know how much was good enough. And this person is really cheep and I know them to so they are putting me in a tight spot. But I'm gonna charge them more then 35. And I can get the sod for 1.85 and that includes delivery which is petty good that's why I said 350 plus its a small lawn. And again thanks for the advice
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    I've never done the sod thing but one of my friends told me he charges the cost of the sod twice so if he paid 3.50 a roll then he would charge 7 dollars a roll. As far as charging for the rental I'm up in the air on that one. I know it's the same thing but If I don't have a pc of equip. I try to do more than one job to spread out the cost of it and add it in with the price that I charge. Good Luck post some pic's when you get done. By the way I hate doing the friend/family thing I feel like I'm getting hosed.
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    You don't need to "rip out" the old lawn.

    Just kill it and lay the sod over the top.

    If you have to shave some edges down where the grass meets the sidewalk then do that.

    Usually takes about 2 hours per 500 sq feet to lay it provided you don't need to make any cuts.

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